Hey, all.

So, that daily blogging thing didn’t really happen… But I’ll take it as a net gain, considering I’m still writing way more than I was previously.


“Ryan, vegetarian food is so BOOOORING. How do you stand it?”
What in the hell have you been eating that’s vegetarian?
“I mean… tofu. Come on? What’s the deal with tofu?”


SPICE! Ever heard of it?! It works for everything, including life. Find the seasoning you like, use it liberally. Enjoy!

“The spice must flow.”
Dune by Frank Herbert

Get on it!
– Ryan

3 thoughts on “Spicy”

  1. What people fail to understand about tofu is that it soaks up whatever sauce it’s cooked in, or spices that it’s dredged in. I ran a vegetarian restaurant years ago, and people LOVED our food. People off the street. From Bangor, Maine! Can be done! Just takes a little imagination! And btw, tofu is not the only protein source! Besides, without veggies, the absorbability of anything a person eats is varying degrees of minimal. Food is our medicine!

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