Glaring (Judgment)


I’m glaring at you for your glaring mistakes. The glare in your eyes was hardly an excuse, isn’t that glaringly obvious?!

Ah, judgment. We all judge. Ourselves especially. *sigh*

Victim. Judge. Have I mentioned the mitote yet? Oh, right — I did here.

Long short, “mitote” roughly translates to voices, like those in a marketplace: loud, overlapping, demanding. The mitote is a representation of all the voices/messages in our minds. The purpose of a mitote journal is to capture those voices, externalize them, and observe them. It helps a lot with removing and quieting judgment.

Another thought to consider is the impact of self-importance. More on that later. For now, go check out this other post detailing thought-policing and the mitote. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

– Ryan

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