Book Club – Ep. 1 (Willpower Instinct, Ch. 1 & 2)


Hello, fellow peoples of the interwebs!

Welcome to Episode 1 of the “Life Coaching with Ryan” Book Club!

The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal — Chapters 1 & 2

What I discuss in this episode:

Chapter 1 theme — Two Selves (Impulsive vs Controlled)

  • Self-judgment is a barrier to control
    • “Do your best now; be better later.”
  • Meditate

Chapter 2 theme — Two Instincts (“Fight-or-Flight” vs “Pause-and-Plan”)

  • The brain only has so much energy to use…
    • internal vs external threat
    • How to get more physiological resources
  • Willpower Rx (Heart Rate Variability)
    • Sleep (6+ hours)
    • Relaxation (5+ minutes of conscious breathing)
    • Exercise (5+ minutes)
  • Being “too” in-control is a problem!
    • Limited resources
    • Again, judgment is a barrier
    • Self-induced stress is not helpful!

Where are you on your willpower journey? How are your personal, physiological resources (sleep, nutrition, relaxation)? What do you need to be more successful?

Hit me up in the comments!
– Ryan

P.S. I’m experimenting with Facebook video and IGTV links. Let me know if you something isn’t working for you. Thanks!!!

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