Book Club – Ep. 2 (Willpower Instinct, Ch. 3)


Hello, fellow peoples of the interwebs!

Welcome to Episode 2 of the “Life Coaching with Ryan” Book Club!

The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal — Chapter 3

What I discuss in this episode:

Chapter 3 theme — Willpower as Reservoir and Muscle

  • Using willpower in one area makes it more challenging to use it in another
  • Scarcity mindset has a direct impact on willpower
    • immediate gratification vs long-term investment
  • Inconsequential willpower tasks improve the ability to approach all willpower challenges
    • build “muscle”
    • build awareness
      • awareness creates a choice point
    1. get rid of an item every day in order to clean a closet
    2. track thoughts around a particular willpower challenge
  • The limit of your willpower is NOT when you become uncomfortable/tired
    • “I can’t do it…”
    • “You ARE doing it!”

Anecdote: Curbing my irritation with people who don’t conform to my values…

If you were an endurance athlete, and your willpower task were a physical task, what would convince you to keep going?

Hit me up in the comments!
– Ryan

P.S. Still experimenting with Facebook video and IGTV links. Let me know what shows up for you. Thanks!!!

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