Do you want to get better?

…better at managing your emotions, managing your stress, managing your mind…

You wake up to your alarm, hit the snooze bar, wake up again. You’re not dreading your day, but you’re not excited either. You pile in your car, and you spend half the drive pissed off at the drivers around you. You get to work, and you wonder if you belong there.

Hey, YOU, I’ve got your back! What if you could accomplish the best you can by just being you? Wouldn’t that be incredible?! I made a commitment to myself to learn how to be a better human every day, and part of that was learning who I am as a partner/coworker/family member/person. Let me walk you through some of the initial work I did on myself to make my life more exciting, happy, and peaceful.

Do you have a spare twenty minutes for a phone call that will help you see results in your life right away? That’s all it takes. You’ll give me a call, we’ll talk about your biggest struggles, and we’ll start the process of moving you toward a more peaceful daily experience with just two techniques. Want more? At the end of our time, I’ll let you know some ways that we can work together on a longer term basis.

After a week of using the techniques, you will find that you aren’t so thrown off on any given day. What’s more, when you are thrown off, you will learn to recover faster and faster. Even better, you’ll be learning to have more fun, even in the most challenging moments!

Click on the “Contact” link above, enter your relevant contact information, I’ll reach out to schedule a phone call, and then we’ll chat at the appointed time.

“But, Ryan, I could use that twenty minutes to text friends / play a video game / surf Facebook…”
True, true… Is that really a better use of your time? Do those choices make you feel more excited for tomorrow? I’m betting not.

“But, Ryan, there is no way you are available when I’m available. My hours are odd and I struggle to get as much sleep as I do.”
I hear you. Hit the button and let’s give it a shot. If I’m not in a session, there’s a good chance I have time. Odd lunch break? Let’s do it. Around dinner time? Let’s make it happen. Need a weekend slot? That’s fine, too. I get what it’s like, and I’m here to help.

“But, Ryan, a phone call? Uh, 21st century calling…”
I see what you did there. Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, Duo — let me know, I’ve got it.