PSA – Look a gift horse in the mouth [update!]

Hi, all.

Quick update to my PSA – Look a gift horse in the mouth post. The same person contacted me again without realizing it. I now feel comfortable posting the false identity of the person. I held off on posting this because the notion of doxxing someone is terribly problematic to me. I know it’s just email, but… Anyway, here is the exchange.

life coach
2 messages

Steve Kolish <>
Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 3:16 PM
Hello, i’m steve, i would like to know if you are a life coach ….And if you do accept credit card as payment??i’m hoping on your quick response.

Ryan Francis <>
Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 9:13 AM
To: Steve Kolish <>

Do you recall our conversation a little over a month ago?

Ryan Francis
Personal Fulfillment and Self-realization Coach

Sounding Board Learning
(408) 657-7257

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. – International Coach Federation Code of Ethics


And I got no reply. I just want anyone maintaining a coaching practice to see the email address.

Good luck,

42 thoughts on “PSA – Look a gift horse in the mouth [update!]”

  1. Thank you for posting this!!!! I received the exact same emails from “Steve.” I found your article after searching this particular person’s email when I began to think these emails were fishy. Thanks again!

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  2. I have just received email from him also searching for a LMHC for four of his family members. Thank you so much for posting this because it seemed very fishy.

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  3. I am warning all of my colleagues about this. I fell down the email rabbit hole last night and today and it ended the same way. with silence on his end after I suggested that he pay with a check. What I cannot figure out is what the end game is. What does he hope to accomplish?

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    1. I recently engaged with this scammer, just to see where it would go. Eventually, he asked for my credit card merchant information to pre-pay for sessions. I assume there’s some social engineering of the CC servicing company by pretending to be me.


  4. Thank goodness I searched this person’s email ( He has been emailing me for the last 4 days with the same scheme (hearing impaired, looking for a life coach for four family members, wants to pay by credit card to set up sessions for them while he is in intensive care for lung cancer surgery). He took it a step further which led me to think this was complete and utter BS. He asked if I could charge a ridiculous amount for services then refund him a portion of it to a personal bank account because the limo driver bringing his family to therapy didn’t take credit cards, and that he wanted to tip me $100 for my troubles. I was like, who the heck does that??? What professional driver doesn’t take credit cards and hasn’t he heard of UBER? Duh? Thank goodness for your post which I found on google. I wonder if I should report this to the chief of police who is a friend of ours to refer this to a cyber crime unit or something as I think the scam was to probably run a stolen credit card to get money out of it and inadvertently cause ME to engage in fraud. Again thanks for this post. You saved me from getting the wool pulled over my eyes!

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  5. Thank you so much for posting this. He is currently emailing me, claiming to live in New Jersey. Same exact conversation, almost to a T. Thank you so much for this PSA! This is so bizarre.

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  6. This guy is still at it. I googled the email because the contents of it seemed odd. He’s changed it a bit now to, but same general content. Thank you for the PSA! We all appreciate it! I appreciate you looking out for us!

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  7. Today was my day! The incredibly prolific nature of this scam makes me wonder if it really does work enough to be profitable.

    Many thanks, Ryan, and the rest of you for hipping me to this guy.

    Now, trying to decide if I should just block the email or answer back.

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  8. He sent me a text saying he’s hard of hearing and wanted to drive 4 hours to bring his girls in while he’s in the hospital with a driver. The number he messaged me on is (234) 301-0464.
    He’s out for something… strange?

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  9. He sent me a text saying he’s hard of hearing and has two daughters and two nieces and … same story about being in hospital — been advised to stay off the phone and off any online blah blah – he said he had been hacked on square and on PayPal and was now restricted on using it – hmmm -maybe he used those and they are on to him – he told me I should get quickbooks as they are the most secure- maybe they need a heads up-I had a feeling it was fishy – thanks for putting up your post – Ryan – scary!

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